S4 Engineering supplies a wide range of equipment for processing sauces, soups, dressings, jams, fats and spreads, ready meals, desserts and baby foods.

An in-depth knowledge of process technology enables
S4 Engineering to provide processes for the preparation, composition, preservation and packaging of new and improved product lines.

​A number of standardised systems based around our proven processing strengths in mixing, blending, concentration, homogenisation and all types of thermal processing enable us to design and develop process plant to meet your exact needs.

We supply:    •   Equipment for the efficient production of a wide
                          range of products
                      •   In-depth processing and automation knowledge
                      •   Bespoke designs to meet individual customer needs
                      •   Full after-sales spares and service support

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What We Do
Industries & Capabilities // Food // Beverages // Brewery
Bakery // Dairy // Pharmaceutical // Industrial // Overseas
We can offer:     •   Process Plant & Systems
                           •   Project Management
                           •   Process Equipment
                           •   Process Fabrications
                           •   Control Panels
                           •   Process Control Software
                           •   Mechanical and Electrical Installations
                           •   Steam & Water Boilers
                           •   On-site Installation and Maintenance Services
                           •   Pipe-work & System Installations
                           •   Service & Support Contracts
                           •   Equipment Spares