S4 Engineering is a leading equipment and integrated MRO (maintenance, repair and operating) supplier to the food, beverage and brewery industries.

We offer you a single source for the widest range of products at competitive prices and we represent some of the best known brands in the industry.

Our technical experts will respond with advice and the team will ensure that deliveries are expedited to your instructions.

Our in-house team consists of industry leading specialists in procurement a can deliver a truly exceptional outsourcing solution.
When an organisation places their MRO and Indirect supply chain in the hands of S4 engineering it allows them to concentrate on their principle production and business activities, whilst becoming more efficient and improving.
Overseas MRO
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What We Do
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Overseas MRO
Benefits of using S4 Engineering as your preferred supplier:

•    Supplier reduction
•    Material cost reductions
•    Inventory reductions - value &      quantity
•    Simplified administration
•    S4 Engineering are continuously      driving down prices on all product      lines to provide the best possible      value to our customers
•    S4 Engineering continually focus      on providing the absolute best of      service to meet the ever increasing      customer demands
Typical areas of Supply:

•    Laboratory & Testing Equipment
•    Process Equipment and Spares
•    Refrigeration & Chiller Equipment
•    CO2 Equipment
•    Motor, Gearbox and Mechanical      Equipment
•    Level, Pressure and Flow      Instrumentation 
•    Steam Equipment
•    Pumps & Valves
•    Heat Exchangers
•    Filtration
•    Electrical Equipment
•    Water Purification Equipment
•    Ultra Violet  (UV) Equipment
•    Power Factor Correction and      Stabiliser Systems

•    Supplier reduction